I love Closet, Glay

Imaging, a gigantic  toy in kids room that could be with kids for long, help them to clean their room, help them to get used to daily routine. Moreover, let them have fun with it. This dream toy, dream furniture, is “I love closet”.

Different from video games training kids’ daily routine through flat cold images, “I love closet” offer parents a fun way to play and educate kids what they should do at the same time. Using APP connected with digital surface on the closet. Parents can control what kids should do from phone, for example, shower, clean or go to bed. And the closet door will show up the image of the event on event tree. And under the event tree, the door will slowly come out some little bears. The bears show up one by one and the showing time is setting by parents from the phone. 

In this way, it’s not only making daily event more interesting for kids to do, but also a good way for pre-school kids to have some ideas about time. For example, by the speed the bears show up on the door, it’s easier for kids to understand how fast 5 minutes could pass.

The other message the designer would like to pass from this digital door is to let kids understand that technology should help us to live with joy not replace real things and lock ourselves behind the cold screen. 

Besides the smart surface of the closet, this closet has also a frame for pulling out to be secret play room, a table for write and two ridable chair. The e-door can also be use as drawing board, coloring board with bear pattern and play shooting game with it. Wood surface part of the door has holes can play with blocks, training logical thinking from 2D to 3D or practice numbers and alphabet with it.

“A closet could be more than just a closet. So do you, you can be more than what people think you are.” This is the message designer wants to give to his little users. By staying with a closet with multi possibility, designer wish to inspire kids to think out from the box.