NINJA TABLE, Marco Guariglia Design, Size M design studio.
NINJA TABLE, Marco Guariglia Design, Size M design studio.

Ninja table

The mysterious furniture

Here comes the Ninja! This mysterious furniture, with the shape of a clumsy ninja with a threatening and tender look at the same time (or looking with eyes softly threatening), which is not clearly showing what it is. Moreover, the function is not well understood, just like the ability of unpredictability and camouflage of the warrior Ninja. And it is the reason why observing this Ninja is curious.
From the head of the warrior emerges the handle of a sword, once its long blade is unsheathed, the transformation begins. As the chairs are removed one by one, the path to become a Ninja is completing. Only after pulling out the sword, you can unlock the first chair. As the same way, the second chair can only be removed after the first chair unlocking, and so on to the fourth chair.

The table comes out in this sequential and orderly procedure. The upholstery of the chairs derives from a typical Japanese motif, reworked in an original pop art style.
The result is a set of a small table and chairs with a sober and elegant look that goes well with both modern and rustic environments, in a minimalist style with a strong Nippon character.
The Ninja table offers a perfect solution for limited space, reserving the right to use it only when needed. Keep the environment tidy instead letting tables and chairs scattered, as well