THE NEST, Marco Guariglia Design, Size M design studio.
THE NEST, Marco Guariglia Design, Size M design studio.

The Nest

The new street sign nest to protect birds. 


Taipei, already a well-developed city is rapidly growing more and more international attracting people of all backgrounds and professions. Compared to other major global cities Taipei has relatively more green space with its own very friendly livable style. Birds indicate a healthy city, more birds more health. Most of Taipei’s green parks are homes for our city birds. However, many city trees are too separated to give good protection to all species of birds, therefore street signs become the new “trees”. 

Only street signs have the suitable shapes for bird homes with metal support poles lifting them high above danger.

Bird-nest frames inside street signs offer the birds protection from invasive species, loss of habitat and tropical storms.

Thus, bringing nature into the city gives busy people a breath of fresh air and a unique memorable experience for visitors.


Because of pollution, climate change, and invasion of new bird species , sparrow birds in Taiwan are facing rapid decrease and approaching to distinction. *This crucial reality triggered the designer began to think how to let those birds make life easier in the city* , so he observed where and how they create nests in the city. However, he discovered that is very difficult for them, especially for small one. As a result, he started to think of a solution to help these small citizens get used to the chaotic city life.