PERL, Marco Guariglia Design, Size M design studio.
PERL, Marco Guariglia Design, Size M design studio.


The hand-carry uvc light for everyday 


The project is a combination of a hand-carry UV light with a cylinder stand that can close to protect the eyes from UVC light exposure while sterilizing little things inside like phones, keys, coins and bills or makeup kits. The appearance of this project is appealing in its homely design to add a relaxing note to people's homes during this fearful time of the COVID-19 virus.


By personal user experience, the designer wishes to create a UVC light that can be easily carried to every place to disinfect during this time of Coronavirus. The eye-catching shape has a stand for longterm use which also makes an attractive display in the home or office.


Every detail of this particular UVC light, like the shape of the cover and smooth hand-touch feeling of the handle bar, is a result of high tech making skill and has been designed to make the product immediately recognizable.